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Mother & Daughter, One-day Retreat Workshop

Date: August, 20th Sunday 
Time: 10.00am- 12.00pm
Venue: Cowra Japanese Gardens, Education Centre
Price: $49

A fun workshop has been designed for mother and daughter for managing and maintaining teen skin.

Now is the time to implement a great skin health foundation, so that in years to follow, you will have the skills and be equipped with knowledge of how to maintain and achieve a gorgeous and radiant complexion.

Experience a hands-on holistic approach of how to manage skin concerns such as acne, congestion, breakouts and skin sensitivity.

Teen Package

+ Experience a live make up demonstration of how to achieve a radiant glow in three minutes.

+ Learn how to minimise problematic skin conditions.

+ Experience a step by step and hands on approach of how to effectively cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise your skin.

+ Discover essential skin care products to include in your regime and learn about KEY ingredients to maintain a clear complexion and keep breakouts at bay.

+ Refreshments Provided

+ Admission to Cowra Japanese Gardens

What you’ll walk away with
An Irresistible Goodie Bag! To the value of $65

+ Renewed confidence

+ Know how to create three minute simple skincare + make- up regime regime

+ Decode the beauty myths that have us all confused

+ Learn to love your features and care for YOU in a way that feels good

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