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Mum To Be & New Mum One-day Retreat

Date: Saturday, 3rd June
Time: 10.00am- 4.30pm
Venue: Cowra Japanese Gardens, Education Centre
Price: $149

Taking time out was scheduled nowhere in my diary and I had a wake up call that my life needed to change. This is how the one-day retreats and three minute ME TIME beauty rituals came about.

I understand that it is not easy for us to take time away from our busy lifestyles including children and work, so I have created simple and effective three minute beauty rituals so that you can create an at home spa experience and pamper YOU.

This one-day pampering experience is all about YOU.  Ask hubby, family or a friend to look after the kids- put you FIRST for a change.

You will walk away feeling REVITALISED, CONFIDANT & GORGEOUS.

Retreat Indulgence Package

+ Experience a personal step by step and hands on three minute rejuvenating skin care and radiant make up regime.  

+ Simplify your anti-ageing skin care regime and learn about affordable skin care ingredients to assist with ageing.

+ Discover the latest skin care ingredients and treatments to avoid during pregnancy, breastfeeding and how to tweak your regime post baby.

+ Learn Amy’s‘beauty secrets’ and ‘how to tips’ to accentuate and enhance your best features

+ Create and take home your very own divine aromatherapy pulse point elixir.

+ Spoil your inner goddess and create your own personal ‘at home’ spa experience.  Learn easy, effective and utterly enjoyable face and body rituals.

+ Morning + Afternoon Women’s Circle

+ Morning Tea + Refreshments Provided.

+ Admission to Cowra Japanese Gardens

What you’ll walk away with:
An Irresistible Goodie Bag! To the value of $115

+ Renewed confidence

+ Three minute simple skincare + make- up regime regime that enhances your best features

+ Tips + know how of how to perform your own beauty + self care spa rituals

+ Decode the beauty myths that have us all confused

+ Learn to love your features and care for YOU in a way that feels good