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 As a beauty therapist, I would often use my experience as a qualified clinical aromatherapist and organic formulations specialist to create bespoke aromatherapy blends for facials and massages. At the end of a relaxing treatment, Iโ€™d gift my clients the remainder of the bespoke scents for application on their pulse points. Time and time again, these women returned sharing tales of how the fragrances not only made them smell divine, but recharged and lifted their spirits.

A passion was ignited. Intrigued and inspired by aromachology - the ability for scents to positively impact our emotional wellbeing - I now create bespoke solid and natural fragrance spray blends tailored to a clientโ€™s unique needs. From soothing the psyche to enticing a lover and enlivening the spirit to conjuring up precious memories, my luxury fragrance blends are as comforting as they are pampering. 

Knowing the importance of a signature wedding scent, I also create bespoke bridal fragrances that seamlessly fuse luxury and aromatherapy. Each bridal fragrance comes packaged in a silver-plated vintage pill box engraved with your name to add a decadent touch to your big day.

Let me work with you to create an enchanting, one-of-a-kind fragrance. Please contact me to discuss fragrance brief and costings