- The Rose Grace Story -


What is the Rose
Grace Collection?

The Rose Grace Collection is a luxury, handcrafted, skin care and lifestyle collection that is Australian owned and made.

How did the concept come about?

It was only natural from my experience in the beauty industry as a professionally trained beauty therapist, clinical aromatherapist and organic skin care formulator that creating luxurious and natural skin care was the next step for me. 

Working with a plethora of professional skin care brands over the years in my skin health and wellbeing studios, I was fortunate from my hands-on experience as a therapist to see how skin care ingredients work for or against the skin, once applied topically through various facial and body treatments. 

It made common sense to me, that I use my own products because of my overall ethos in treating the skin holistically. I wanted to encapsulate all of my knowledge into the AMY ERBACHER skin care and lifestyle product collections so that I could not only share my products online and retail gift outlets, but also use them in my treatment studio, along with hosting retreat workshops.  


My Why? Mother and Daughter Collection 

I see now how instrumental my mother was in introducing me to natural skin care and the importance of looking after your complexion and setting the right skin health foundations starting from a very young age.  

And this is my WHY for the Rose Grace Collection. I came up with the concept as growing up my mum was my role model. I mirrored everything she did. Now that I’m a mother, I’ve learnt that I am too now a role model for my daughter and I have to be mindful about my actions on a day-to-day basis. And this includes how I look after myself, and my self-care practice. 

At the age of three, my daughter Rose watches me in the bathroom perform my beauty rituals and loves to stick her fingers in my skin care creams and rub them into her face! She imitates everything I do.  

I recently turned forty and noticed my skin becoming slightly more sensitised and dry. Rose has very sensitive skin and this is where my passion was born - creating natural and effective products for mother and (daughter soon to be released).  


Why the name Rose Grace?

Rose Grace is very personal to me as Rose Grace is my daughter’s name. My fiancee Mark came up with our daughter's name because my mother's name is Rosanne and his mother’s name is Rosalind.  

Instantly, I fell in love with the name. Not only because of our family history but also for my love and appreciation of the flower rose and its amazing benefits for women both topically for the skin and our emotional wellbeing.  

Both my nana and my mother were a key influence in regards to my admiration for roses. I recall many fond memories strolling through my nana’s country rose garden. I instantly fell in love with the sight of the rose esquite aesthetic perfection. I can still recall my first touch - the delicate petals, fleshy and velvety in texture and the rich sweet, floral aroma. I also noticed its spiky thorns, which now to me as an adult represents personal boundaries and strength.

Floral Water.jpg

 Who is the Rose
Grace Collection for?

At this current moment the Rose Grace collection is for mature and dry skin conditions, however the Rose Grace Signature Perfume Oil can be used by anyone, except children. The only products available for children at the moment is the Rose Floral Water Facial Mist and the Rosehip CO2 Lip Balm.

The KEY INGREDIENTS used throughout the Rose Grace Collection is Bulgarian Rose Otto essential oil and hydrosol, Rose absolute, Australian Rose essential oil and Rosehip CO2 along with other certified organic and natural botanical ingredients.

The skin care collections have been designed and formulated to provide benefits to the skin to include anti-ageing properties, gentle and soothing formulations that not only work but hydrate, sooth, nourish and protect the skin. 


Benefits of Rose Essential Oil and Hydrosol

 - Excellent emollient, softening and hydrating properties.
- For mature, dry or sensitive skin conditions.
- Rose oil has a tonic and astringent effect on the capillaries. 
- It offers toning and soothing benefits, helping minimise redness of the skin. 
- Helps reduce the appearance of spider veins.
- Rosewater is also used in skin care for its soothing and mildly astringent properties.
- Aromatherapy treatments, rose can help support the female body and balance emotional instability. It instils feelings of positivity and love whilst also easing stress and nervousness. 
- Helps improve circulation but is noted as being contraindicated during pregnancy. 


History tells us that deeply perfumed Rose has been utilised for thousands of years by many different civilisations, as far back as Ancient Mesopotamia in 3500BC. 

 Cleopatra added roses to her milk baths and also filled her room with scented petals in order to create an aromatic connection with Marc Anthony. Rosewater was recognised for its antibacterial properties and was used to fill the Emperor’s fountains and to scent public bathhouses. 

*Reference Page 253. The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, Second Edition. Salvatore Battaglia.