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From many years as a practising skin health and wellness expert, I understand that no one is the same and we are all different. That’s what makes us so unique and special.

I create bespoke treatments and beauty rituals for each and every individual, as no two people are the same. As a holistic practitioner, rather then treating the skin with a ‘band aid solution’, I look at many factors including ones lifestyle; DNA, nutrition, emotional wellbeing, your current skin care regime and skin care products. These factors must be taken into consideration when deciding on the form of treatment and program.

I’m passionate in all things skin and SELF. I love sharing my expertise to help you with your skin woes and most of all to feel confident. There’s nothing I love more when I see a huge smile on my clients face happy with their results!

With a plethora of personal care products available on the market today, I’m here to guide and hold your hand all the way to help you simplify your beauty and self-care needs. My philosophy is to treat the skin with a ‘back to basics’ and ‘less is more’ approach, to achieve a gorgeous and radiant complexion. I’ll share with you the art of self-care and how to create simple beauty rituals all in the comfort of your own home.

You can be that confidant woman again, who believes she is enough. Let me show you how.

So are you ready to embrace THE REAL YOU?
Come explore the Amy Erbacher lifestyle with me. I can’t wait to help you unveil that excited, spring in your step confident, glowing beauty that lies beneath THE REAL YOU. 

About Me

I was the girl, who seemed to have the whole outside package going on. But on the inside I was in pain. I lacked any real confidence, was anxious and insecure.

Looking back on my life as an insecure fifth-teen year old, I was a young girl from Toowoomba Queensland wanting to experience the bright lights of the big city and appear in magazines (supermodels were huge at the time- think 80’s, 90’s) and be on TV. I believed that this would be my ticket to freedom to discover me and be accepted for who I was.  

I didn’t have an emotionally strong foundation to start with. I was a shy, sensitive type and was bullied at school for being different. Believe it or not, I was an introvert. I guess I fell in love with the idea of fantasy of the glitz and glamorous lifestyle. Over the years, I achieved what I set out to do, I became a model and television presenter, and I was fortunate to travel the world and make a healthy income from living this lifestyle.

When I wasn’t on a model shoot clocking up ten interviews a day, I attended castings amongst hundreds of other beautiful women, all sitting in the one waiting room hoping to get the job!

You were booked for a campaign because you had the LOOK they wanted for that particular job. It took me to the end of my career to really let this sink in and not take it personally.

With a life full of highs and lows including consistent rejection and comparing myself to others I fell into this self sabotage and self loathing demeanour.

I honestly didn’t believe and feel that I was beautiful. I looked in the mirror and saw another person- I guess that’s why my ego fed from this lifestyle – it became addictive- as each time I got a job- I’d feel good about myself- and when I wasn’t working I’d fall into a heap and judge my self worth from not working.

I hit rock bottom that took me on a soul-searching mission. I realise now, I was a woman who suffered from negative self-image. I would see a distorted mental picture of myself. Today we call this body dysmorphic disorder. My own personal beliefs about myself, along with my past experiences lead me to believe that I wasn’t enough.

Some of my insecurities, which may sound familiar to you, looked like this:

+ I never had a voice and found it hard to stand up for myself.
+ No coping + life skills
+ No back bone
+ No self acceptance + value of self worth + I didn’t feel I was enough
+ No self-love. My previous relationships failed because I set the bar of how I should be treated. I allowed people to treat me badly.
+ No Boundaries
+ Bullied for being different


How I Became At Peace Within Myself

Today, I’m finally at peace within myself.  Sure I still have my off days, who doesn’t!

This is why it’s very important to be mindful each day of how we think about ourselves and our self-talk.
I’m here to help you build your beauty regime. And not just from your cosmetics cupboard. 

I believe to truly love you it all starts with a very strong foundation. It’s of utmost importance to be at peace with you. I finally understand the true value of why self-belief and self-acceptance is truly the magic beauty ingredients!

Today I blend my media experience, beauty, wellness and coaching to help women and teen girls to enhance their beauty, self-belief and self-confidence. I teach rituals for lasting change that will have you loving every part of yourself and finally smiling back at yourself in the mirror. This is the Amy Erbacher Lifestyle.

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Amy’s BIO

Amy is a qualified Beauty therapist, a skilled clinical Aromatherapist and Life Coach in training, with over ten years experience in the wellness industry.

Becoming an authority on the world of skin wellbeing and skincare has only been part of the journey for Amy. As a self-funded business entrepreneur Amy has established and run her own three Sydney-based Skin Health & Wellness Studios, gaining intrinsic knowledge of not only client’s wants, but a successful business needs in order to exceed those expectations.

Prior to her career in the wellness industry, Amy had a career in the media; and was a national and international model signed on the books with reputable modelling agencies both here in Australia and overseas.

A model from the age of fifteen years, Amy was a state finalist in the Australian teen magazine- Dolly Covergirl competition.  After more then a decade in the modelling industry she decided modelling wasn’t her career path and a dream came to fruition as a television presenter.  She had her own sports show Chilli Factor for over a year, which was contracted by network ten, Fox Sports high lights presenter and was once the face of Foxtel, FOX 8, for two years. 


Amy has cared for the skin and beauty needs – including facials, manicures, pedicures, spray tans and more – for various models and celebrities including Jennifer Hawkins, Delta Goodrem, Rachel Finch, Jessica Gomes, International Miranda Kerr, Nicole Kidman, Selma Hiak and Kate Upton for publications including Harpers Bazar, Vogue, Sports Illustrated, In style Magazine, Mind Food, LIFESTYLE YOU, Body And Soul, SYDNEY Morning Herald. Advertising campaigns with brands such as Bonds, Speedo, MYER, Mount Franklin and Swisse Vitamins have also proved wonderful training platform for her to hone her skills.

Amy is often called on to speak and educate the industry, as well as act as spokeswoman for some of the beauty industries leading brands.

Now, Amy is sharing this knowledge in a series of intimate, inspirational and informative Women’s Wellness Retreats