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To enter the healing world of the Amy Erbacher brand is to have a deep, pleasurable, holistic lifestyle experience.

Her treatment studio is a hidden escape from life as you are pampered and healed, leaving you with radiant, beautiful skin and a feeling of profound relaxation. 

By incorporating deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and skin biology in all executions, Amy Erbacher’s bespoke treatments enhance inner and outer beauty through a variety of innovative techniques.

Along with results driven, state of the art facials, aromatherapy massage and women’s life coaching sessions, the Amy Erbacher
lifestyle is also about the experience of luxury and deep level relaxation to luxuriously calm the mind,  body and feel confident from within.

Every individual is unique, and so too is the experience – and incredible result - you take every time you experience Amy Erbacher.


Amy personally formulates her own bespoke skin care and body products for clients, sourcing only the best organic and natural ingredients to suit every skin, health and wellbeing need.

Amy’s handcrafted luxurious collection includes botanical perfumes, skin care and body products that have been freshly prepared in small batches for customers. 

All products are hand crafted and poured. All ingredients are 100% natural, nontoxic and sourced locally or from our trusted suppliers.

Studio Location-

95 Woodward Street, Orange, NSW, 2800
Ph: 02 6362 7899 M: 0423 222 422