In Full Bloom


You could say I’m a late bloomer. For me, my life truly began in my late 30s. While my 20s were full to the brim of work and success in the traditional sense (through my Sydney skin clinics I tended to the beauty needs of thousands of women - Nicole Kidman and Miranda Kerr included), my late 30s was when the real magic started to happen.

At 38, I brought my beautiful daughter Rose into the world, and now my partner and I are thinking about the possibility of extending our family so our energetic toddler has a playmate. Recently I got engaged and next year, in March 2019, I’m going to be a bride for the very first time (at 41, no less). So, you see, I really am a late bloomer!

Where am I going with this banter, you ask?

Well, regardless of age, every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. Like other brides, I’ve been devouring bridal magazines, online wedding blogs and bridal websites for a hit of inspiration.  

While researching fresh and classic make-up looks, I’ve only been able to find glamorous images of young women in their early 20s featuring a look that’s heavily contoured, bronzed, gleaming (like a glittery rainbow) and sporting larger than life eyelash extensions.  

Now don’t mistake me, every woman should be able to choose the look she feels comfortable with on her wedding day, but as a woman in my 40s, this look just isn’t “me”.

For one thing, being overly tanned would make me look like the almost-bright-orange tanned woman from ‘There’s Something About Mary’! A look like this would show up every flaw and no doubt age me.

For mature women, I believe a subtle, less is more, effortless beauty approach is key to accentuate one’s best features. For me, it’s simply not feasible to adopt the makeup approach I did in my 20s.

Turning 40 has certainly crept up on me. I’ve noticed my physical appearance has changed, as has my body shape (I now have to workout much harder than I used to to achieve a healthy body). My complexion isn’t as bright and dewy and whatever product I apply to my skin sinks in instantly - it’s crying out for hydration! I can also see what I like to call my ‘character lines’ and to top it off, I spotted my first hormonal chin hair. Oh, the fun!

For me, 40 is the first time I’ve really noticed major physical changes starting to take place. But rather than having a meltdown about ageing (because let’s face it, the alternative isn’t appealing either, right?), I’m embracing those other changes that are less tangible but just as life-changing. I know myself, my true self, better than I ever have. I’ve had years to develop and trust my ‘gut instincts’, I’ve become more confident than ever and my mental and emotional wellbeing is at its highest. Achieving an inner glow - at any age - is about how you choose to live life. I firmly believe this.

Being the late bloomer that I am, I’ve decided that from today, I will write a monthly blog post about ‘Ageing Gracefully’. I’ll be sharing the highs and lows from my beauty and wellbeing experience, my extensive knowledge, my personal beauty secrets, my self-love and self-acceptance rituals and overall wellbeing tips for a holistic approach to ageing well.

I hope from being honest and sharing my journey (and the journeys of other women who’re learning to age gracefully), you’ll be inspired and motivated to live a full, enriched life without worrying about how many birthday candles you’re blowing out.

Amy x

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