skinCLEANSE system Launch

Tuesday 21st of February 2017 my very own skin care line the skinCLEANSEsystem was borne.  Over a decade in the making, my skin health philosophy and passion has been encapsulated into the skin care collections and I’m so very excited for you to experience.

As a professionally trained beauty therapist, I was fortunate to run my own skin health and wellbeing studios in Sydney. From this hands on experience, I’m so very grateful to my loyal clientele.  If it wasn’t for YOU, trusting and believing in me, the skinCLEANSEsystem would not have been created. Thank you for your trust and belief in me to work with you and your skin health concerns.

I would also like to give gratitude to all the beauty therapists, as without your magic hands and expertise, how would we best know what skincare products to purchase for our skin condition?  Thank you for your hard work, passion and dedication to helping women achieve their beautiful most radiant skin.

As many beauty therapists would know whilst working with a plethora of professional skin care brands, to create your very own skincare brand is a dream come true.


To develop a skin care collection isn’t easy!  I’ve had many sleepless nights, moments of self-doubt, along with isolation and many other challenges of running a small business. The skinCLEANSEsystem is my baby; all my heart, passion and savings have been invested into this Australian skincare collection.

So why would I bother to bring out another skincare brand into a saturated market?

The skinCLEANSEsystem collections, is a four step skin-cleansing ritual and have been formulated by one of Australia’s elite chemists and is designed to provide a ‘back to basics’ and ‘less is more’ approach to skin cleansing.

I’ve been fortunate to treat and see many skin conditions and my customers still did not know the ‘basics’ in skin cleansing.  Without a healthy skin foundation, how do you expect other products such as serums and treatments to work efficiently?

The skinCLEANSEsystem formulations, consists of naturally derived and modern day ingredients that work with your complexion, not against it.

Lastly, I’d like to thank my family for your support and belief in me. My mother instilled in me from a very young age the importance of self-care rituals and looking after your skin. This is how the idea and concept came about for my skinCLEANSEsystem master class workshops. 

The workshops are all about skin health and self care rituals, along with strengthening mother and daughter relationships, existing friendships and meeting new people.

In fact the Amy Erbacher brand embraces women –we are in the 21st century and we tend to do it all!  Stop, take a deep breath and cherish what you have and most importantly, look after you.