Pregnancy skin health you need to know


Throughout my pregnancy I experienced aches and pains, mainly lower back, leg pain and sciatic pain. I discovered massage really helped me to assist and manage muscular pain as well as taking time out for rest and relaxation. I personally believe it’s important and beneficial to take time out if you can, to nurture you and your baby during this special time. According to Aimee Raupp, a women’s health and fertility expert; when pregnant, positive emotions such as courage and joy and negative emotions like fear and anxiety not only affect our health and wellness, they affect the health and wellness of the baby growing inside our belly’

My massage therapist Chontelle Stevens, director of introduces massage into pregnancy at any time, providing the client has their doctor’s approval for the first trimester or during any pregnancy concerns such as high blood pressure.

• Check that your practitioner is qualified and experienced in performing pregnancy massage.
• Avoid massaging the belly completely. I do work on the hips and pelvis but leave the baby belly alone.
• There are some potential trigger points in the hands and feet and below the collarbone that need to be worked through gently – no downward pressure on these points until mum and bub are ready to meet!

The skin is consistently changing throughout pregnancy. Follow a simple yet effective skin health regime to gently cleanse and nourish your skin. 

Treatments and ingredients that I would personally avoid during this special time are: –



Whilst pregnant I advise to stay away from the use of electrical modalities such as High frequency, and Galvanic current (Iontophoresis) a machine that is used usually to infuse and push serums deeper into the skin.

I’m often asked to treat pregnancy acne and pigmentation. Personally I don’t perform professional high percentage chemical peels on my clients whilst pregnant.

Skin can be extra sensitive during pregnancy due to factors such as your hormones and your overall immune system is down and working overtime for you and your bub. Lumps and bumps and skin discolouration may appear whilst pregnant and as soon as you’ve had your baby may instantly disappear. A common example of this is the butterfly mask of pregnancy. I’d also steer clear of any abrasive facial treatments that involve harsh scrubs and microdermabrasion.

Melasma presents itself usually like the shape of a butterfly on the face- this discolouration and darkening of the skin can be found usually on the chin, upper lip, cheeks and forehead. It is characterized by irregularly shaped light or dark brown patches of hyperpigmentation.

Hormones go into overdrive during pregnancy and this may explain hormonal breakouts and therefore over stimulation of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands. Acne may appear on the face (chin) chest and back.

Brightening and antioxidant serums to target pigmentation some are considered safe during pregnancy; I personally use ingredients such as Vitamin B (Niacinamide) also great to treat acne and skin congestion, Vitamin C a fantastic antioxidant and Rosehip facial oil, nourishing and also great for cell renewal.

I absolutely love the cosmetic ingredient Zinc oxide; fantastic to treat pigmentation and acne. This amazing ingredient when applied to the skin is anti-inflammatory, calms redness and when used in zinc-based lotion, hydrates the skin without clogging pores. As a sunscreen zinc reflects heat away from the skin- limiting exposure to ultraviolet light. Always wear a hat whilst outdoors and regularly apply your sunscreen.

Rashes, itchy and sensitive skin, are also heightened during pregnancy, not to mention your sense of smell! Steer clear of products containing artificial fragrances when pregnant, which may irritate skin and the strong aroma could possibly make you feel nauseous, and may contain chemicals such as parabens, and phthalates. Remember your skin is the largest organ and anything you apply to your skin may potentially not only affect you, possibly your little one too.

Look for organic and natural products by a reputable company, I always try to support Australian and local brands when possible.



Avoid leave on salicylic acid products, although there are some recent studies that when used as a spot treatment and low percentage is considered safe there is still not enough evidence to support this case.

RETINOIDS Including Topical And Oral Application
Vitamin A is a wonderful ingredient to turn back the clock, unfortunately this ingredient is contra indicated during pregnancy. Studies have shown high doses of vitamin A during pregnancy and breast-feeding can be harmful to an unborn child and may even cause birth defects.

or safe exfoliation opt for a low percentage lactic acid exfoliant to resurface and brighten the skin. Make sure you feel comfortable whilst experiencing a treatment. For example ask your therapist to slightly elevate the bed head and lye on your side with pillows supporting you under your belly. If unsure about a treatment firstly check with your doctor and never rush into anything, research is key.

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