Create A Spa Environment In Your Bathroom


Before my bathing ritual, I like to prepare my bathroom to create a spa experience.


Below are a few tips to ensure you create the most blissful and peaceful environment possible.

FRESH FLOWERS                                      

Why wouldn’t you? This ritual is all about you isn’t it?

Reward yourself, flowers don’t have to be expensive- gather a few flowers or herbs from your garden. If you don’t have a garden, collect some whilst on a stroll- a few flower tops may have fallen down on a footpath. Use you imagination :) 


Candlelight creates a beautiful ambiance in any room. Be mindful that the scent of your candle isn’t too over powering, as you don’t want to out stage the natural aromas of your essential oil blend – if added to bath salts and so forth.


If you’re like me, over powering synthetic scented candles can trigger allergies.

I love to add a few drops of my favouriate essential oil blend to my aromatherapy diffuser – not only is the aroma delightful, I also enjoy the wellbeing and therapeutic properties the essential oils have on my nervous system- the oils help me to unwind and relax from a busy day.


+Plush cotton towels feel amazing!
+Head towel or headband to keep hair off your face
+Bathrobe and bath mat


Sip on your favourite iced or warm herbal tea blend to keep hydrated.

If you love herbal tea check out our shop cart and you will discover our skin&tonic Naturopathic blend, that is great for skin health and to calm the mind, body and soul.


Balance and replenish skin by applying a hydrating or detoxifying mask. Why not apply two masks and apply hydrating mask to dry areas such as forehead and cheeks and oily areas of concern are usually around the t-zone.

*TIP Deep cleanse your skin first followed by mask application for best results.


An eye pillow works well to ensure you completely Zen out and keep your eyes closed and tune out from all social media.


I listen to the music with no words to completely switch off from the day. I love the piano and one of my favourite albums is SPACES by Nils Frahm.