Salt baths have many wonderful benefits, including elimination of toxins through the skin- the skin’s cells need to be completely clean, soothe aching muscles and assist the mind and body to relax and unwind from a stressful day.

Nurture yourself in a silent space - let go and express gratitude. Create a Spa Experience in your bathroom, relax and unwind and enjoy your bathing ritual.

Be mindful of only having 1- 2 salt baths per week- too many may cause irritation to the skin, including your personal bits! :)

*Tip I love: Dry Body Brushing this is great ritual to gently exfoliate my skin before bathing and skin brushing boosts my circulation and stimulates my lymphatic system.  


*Ingredients are available at most supermarkets, heath food stores and chemists.

+Bath Salts
+Epson Salts OR Magnesium Flakes
+Himalayan Salt
+Tea Blends
+Essential Oils

*TIP You don't have to purchase everything, create your own mix. This is one of the beauties of DIY; create a bespoke blend just right for you.


+Purchase 100% pure essential oils from a reputable company. If you have trouble sourcing let me know and I can refer a couple of companies.


+For wellbeing and decoration.

*Tip Herbal tea blends are great for wellbeing properties; decoration and an easy addition to include in your DIY bath soak recipes. We at Amy Erbacher have a wonderful detoxifying and relaxing skin&tonic tea blend you can purchase via shop cart from our website.

Be creative with your tea blend and choose accordingly, be aligned with how you are feeling at the time. Are you tired, fatigued? Create a relaxing blend for example.  A great idea is to stick with a theme and select a tea blend that best compliments your essential oil blend.


+Glass bowl
+Large spoon
+Measuring cups
+Recycled jars/ Cardboard noodle boxes


+In a glass mixing bowl add 1 cup of each of the salts - this depends on how many batches you wish to create. You really can't go wrong with bath salts.

+10-12 drops of your favourite blend or for those more experienced, add couple more drops and create your own blend. With a large spoon (not plastic) fold the essential oils through the salt mix.

+Herbs have therapeutic properties for our wellbeing and skin; they also look gorgeous and truly create that wow factor bathing experience.

*Tip Less is more and don’t add too many herbs to your mix – too many herbs can be really messy and end up all over the bathtub and all over you!

+Gently fold through the herbs and bath salt blend and fill jars.

+Add 1- 2 cups of your blend to the bath- soak in the tub for at least twenty minutes for the salts to be effective.

 *TIP Make sure the water temperature is tepid, not too hot, and if you are pregnant or suffer from a heart condition/ high blood pressure check with your GP.


+Recycled jars work a treat, they not only look great in the bathroom, and they also protect the wellbeing properties of the essential oils. Cardboard noodle boxes are another great option as they're unbreakable. I'd be careful with plastic and essential oils, as they can eventually breakdown the plastic overtime.

Again it's up to you! Have fun; include the family and happy making!