Date: Saturday, 17th June
Time: 10.00am- 4.30pm 
Venue: Cowra Japanese Gardens, Education Centre
Price: $149

Irresistible Goodie Bag! To the value of $115

Taking time out was scheduled nowhere in my diary and I had a wake up call that my life needed to change. This is how the one-day retreats and three minute ME TIME beauty rituals came about.

I understand that it is not easy for us to take time away from our busy lifestyles including children and work, so I have created simple and effective three minute beauty rituals so that you can create an at home spa experience and pamper YOU.

This one-day pampering experience is all about YOU. Ask hubby, family or a friend to look after the kids- put you FIRST for a change.

You will walk away feeling REVITALISED, CONFIDANT & GORGEOUS.

Retreat Indulgence Package

  • Experience a personal step by step and hands on three minute rejuvenating skin care and radiant make up regime.  
  • Simplify your anti-ageing skin care regime and learn about affordable skin care ingredients to assist with ageing.
  • Discover the latest skin care ingredients and treatments to avoid during pregnancy, breastfeeding and how to tweak your regime post baby.
  • Learn Amy’s‘beauty secrets’ and ‘how to tips’ to accentuate and enhance your best features
  • Create and take home your very own divine aromatherapy pulse point elixir.
  • Spoil your inner goddess and create your own personal ‘at home’ spa experience.  Learn easy, effective and utterly enjoyable face and body rituals.
  • Morning + Afternoon Women’s Circle
  • Morning Tea + Refreshments Provided.
  • Admission to Cowra Japanese Gardens

What you’ll walk away with:
An Irresistible Goodie Bag! To the value of $115

  • Renewed confidence
  • Three minute simple skincare + make- up regime regime that enhances your best features
  • Tips + know how of how to perform your own beauty + self care spa rituals
  • Decode the beauty myths that have us all confused
  • Learn to love your features and care for YOU in a way that feels good

Cowra Japanese Garden

The Cowra Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre is a registered cultural organisation, and is classified by the National Trust as ‘A place of Cultural, Architectural and Historic Significance to be preserved for present and future generations. There are numerous Japanese Gardens throughout the world, however this Garden is more than just a Garden, it is a powerful symbol of good will, encouraging reconciliation and peace.

Accommodation in Cowra

Make a weekend of your retreat at Cowra by staying in one of the many bnb's, hotel or motels. Click the link below for a list of options.