I love massage bars and if you suffer from dry skin and looooove thick body butters, you’ll love these indulgent and easy to make little treats!


Massage bars melt instantly once applied to skin, thanks to Shea butter and create a sensual and fun experience experience for oneself and couples.


Self-care shouldn’t only be experienced during special occasions. Why not indulge in a little self-care practice at least once a week and you don’t have to empty your bank account to do so!  




+70g Cocoa Butter

+30g Shea Butter

+1 Teaspoon Dried Rose Petals

+1 Teaspoon Vitamin E (can use capsule)


Not necessary to include in this recipe. Vitamin E helps products to maintain a longer shelf life, including the additional nourishing benefits this vitamin creates for the skin.


+1 Saucepan

+1 Glass bowl or Pyrex jug

+Small Kitchen Scales

+Measuring spoon/ Teaspoon


Silicone Moulds are available in a variety or shapes and sizes!

You can purchase online, soap suppliers and boutique cookware boutiques. Look around your local supermarket and you’ll find silicone muffin moulds in the cooking section.



Scent is truly personal, so be creative here and practice blending your favourite essential oils.


+3-5 Drops Rose Absolute

+3-5 Drops Vanilla

+3-5 Drops Vanilla

+10 Drops Geranium


*Makes 1 to 2 massage bars. Depends on moulds. If you like more double the mixture ratio.


+Melt butters in a bain-marie or bowl (thick glass/ Pyrex jug), over a saucepan of boiling water.

+ Carefully remove from heat (heat proof gloves/ tea towels) let the butters rest until below 40c.

+Add your essential oil blend/ vitamin e when butters have cooled down. This is to ensure that the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils are not destroyed.

+Before your butters solidify but still pourable, pour into moulds and place in refrigerator to set (12 hours).

(If you wish to add dried rose petals please see tips section)



+If you wish to add rose petals to your massage balm, pour the tiniest amount of mixture ½ centimetre deep to your mould. (This is to ensure petals don’t rise to the surface)


Place in the freezer for around ten minutes, or once until set. Remove from freezer and continue to add the rest of mixture to your moulds.


+We all live in different climates around the world so play and experiment with the butters. If you wish to have a softer butter don’t add as much coco butter. If you wish to have a firmer consistency to stop melting in humid climate, add more coco butter.

+ You can also add different carrier oils such as rosehip or jojoba oil if you wish to include additional nourishing benefits along with extra slip for massage.

+ If you have a thermometer I like to heat to around 70c. Also melt butters slowly, I find that this stops the butters having a grainy texture.

+Be careful when removing bars from moulds to ensure you don’t snap them in half.

+To keep dust and other particles from your massage bars, store in a container/ wrap in baking paper. In summer months I store my bars in the fridge.