When you think of country living, ‘community’ springs to mind. And that is what this blog is all about.

But in 2017, living on the land looks different from what our mothers and grandmothers experienced.

Women no longer meet at the local store or convene over coffee on one another’s verandas. Rural friendships – and how they form – have changed.

And although we are all seeking community, it can be harder to cultivate.

So what does a city girl like me know about the isolation of country living? Having relocated from the hustle and bustle of Sydney in 2014, being the new girl in a small town provided its challenges.

Throw into the mix a partner that worked on weekends, no family around and a new baby; the past two years have proved isolating.

With time on my hands and few friends close by to fill it, I dove headfirst into my creative endeavours. I’ve filled days researching my passion for natural wellness and beauty, creating spa rituals and experiences that feed the skin and the soul, and workshopping all the recipes and baking treats I’d otherwise put on the bottom of my priority list.

Over time, life on the land has delivered many personal riches – and now, I’d like to share it with my friends. (That’s you!)

This blog celebrates women and our lives – both on the land and in the city – with the hope of engaging each other, eliminating isolation, reinvigorating creative passions, sharing beauty and wellness wisdom and – above all else – uplifting each other.

And yes, you can enjoy it on the veranda with a cuppa.

I can’t wait to catch up!

Amy x